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Exceptional Coaching Experience

Lesley wrote this review of the leadership coaching process I facilitated.

I had the privilege of being coached by an outstanding individual, and I would like to share my experience with my coach and the coaching program we undertook. Throughout our coaching journey, my coach showcased a remarkable ability to provide guidance and insights that were instrumental in my professional growth.

One of the standout aspects of our coaching was the way it was tailored to my specific needs. We explored concrete examples from my work life, allowing me to describe various situations and challenges I encountered. Together, we carefully analysed these scenarios. What set this coaching apart was the combination of textbook coaching methods with real-life experiences. My coach had a repertoire of coaching questions and tasks that were seamlessly integrated with my professional encounters, allowing me to apply the acquired knowledge directly.

One of the most impressive aspects of my coach’s approach was his deep understanding of my actions and reactions. He could skilfully dissect and describe the values and motives underlying my behaviour, which was an eye-opening experience. This personalized guidance enabled me to not only identify but also strengthen my core values and motivations, ultimately impacting my professional growth positively.

In the course of our coaching, I witnessed significant personal and professional development. My coach’s openness, honesty, and direct communication style greatly contributed to this growth. His ability to understand me on a profound level was consistently remarkable, and I am continually impressed by how effectively. He has accompanied and positively influenced my development.

Moreover, my coach actively supported my career goals, helping me overcome obstacles and further professionalize my actions. With his guidance, I was able to set clear objectives, chart my career path, and take confident steps towards my aspirations. The coaching process enabled me to overcome challenges and enhance my professional skills and behaviours, contributing to my ongoing success.

In conclusion, my coaching experience has been nothing short of exceptional. My coach’s ability to combine theory with practice, his insight into my character and motivations, and his honest and open communication style has been instrumental in my growth. I am immensely grateful for this transformative journey and the valuable lessons I have learned through this coaching program.