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Sofia tells:

“Dit project stelt ons in staat: With the successful completion of this project, we’ve gained significant structural insights, made thorough preparations, and deepened our understanding of our goals. Now, equipped with this strong foundation, we stand ready for the next crucial step – fundraising. Our confidence is bolstered by the strategic groundwork laid out, and we’re eager to embark on this important phase of our journey”

Sofia experienced: “Embarking on the journey of working with a business coach initially brought about doubts and concerns. However, Peter not only dispelled these uncertainties but surpassed my expectations with unwavering support and enthusiasm. He played a pivotal role in elevating our project by assisting us in reorganizing priorities and crafting a stellar business model, bringing attention to aspects we had inadvertently overlooked. Peter’s advice and insights were both powerful and invaluable. I’m delighted to share that our collaborative relationship is poised for the long term. Peter exhibited a level of investment in our project as if it were his own, even contributing a vital side program that added significant social importance to our event. This underscores his unwavering support, skillfulness, and dedication.”

Wat Peter-Jan inbracht.

  • Business Strategy 🎯
  • Business Model Canvas 🗂
  • Pitch & Presentation 🙌
  • Sales 🧾
  • Planning en Targets 🎯
  • Leiderschap coaching 💪
  • Project Realization: Seek guidance and evaluation for the realization of my project, focusing on effective project management, decision-making, and planning.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Receive professional guidance to evaluate and enhance ymy entrepreneurial skills in the context of my project.
  • Fundraising Skills: Improve my fundraising skills with practical insights and strategies to secure financial support for my initiatives (if possible).
  • Team Building: Get support in building the right team, understanding team dynamics, and fostering effective collaboration for my project.

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